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DK2 offers a unique FREE initial consultation that walks future clients through our 360° programs. From highly reliable personality assessments to Brain Maps (qEEG) that guide our customized programs, DK2 is in a word – “cutting-edge.” We look forward to seeing you soon! Dr. P and our AWARD WINNING STAFF (see ‘About Us’ to learn more)


Float Therapy


Float therapy is used to rejuvenate the mind and body during a period of dedicated relaxation. The pod has pharmaceutical grade Epsom salt and is equipped with lights and music for comfort.

Business Services

DK2 is educated and trained in methodologies in executive and life coaching that provides sustained cognitive, emotional, and behavioral changes that facilitate goal attainment and performance enhancement.

Athletic Services

DK2 examines what motivates athletes, what angers them, and what scares them. Primarily we employ Psychological Skills Training (PST) methods that attempt to regulate arousal and anxiety.

Brain Training

The goal of Neuro feedback/Neuro-Conditioning is to improve neurological flexibility. The brain is supposed to shift easily between states, from sleep, to relaxation, to calm, to alert.


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We help people and organizations acquire motivation and perform better! – Melanie M. Perea, DK2 Motivation 

Dynamic Kultures2 (DK2) is a comprehensive and progressive consultation organization that seeks to impact individual, group, and organizational communication and behavior. Through customized programs designed from a Performance Psychology perspective that addresses the wants and needs of the client and the identified targets, DK2 helps individuals, groups and organizations make meaningful and valued change that forms a nexus with their individual and organizational goals and objectives.

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